A letter to our customers

Allset's President & Chief Executive Officer shares a welcome message

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Dear Allset customers,

2021 was an incredible year and we are excited to be moving forward on this journey into 2022 together with you.


The global pandemic has affected all of our families, businesses, communities and our day to day life. I want to acknowledge anyone who has been impacted by health challenges this year either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are with those who are sick and we wish a full recovery. We are inspired by selfless acts of kindness and service that we've seen. Together, we are stronger through this experience.

There are 128 million homes in North America, all of which are in need of home services. Your business matters, your team matters and your impact on homeowners matters more than ever before. Especially as our global workforce moves toward remote work and more and more time is spent at home. You have the hardest job in the world and we want to acknowledge the long hours, tireless effort and often thankless job of running a service business.

We are laser-focused on your success. We are building the tools to help you drive revenue and connect with customers through digital and mobile messaging channels. We are relentlessly focused on helping you unlock revenue without taking time or effort away from your day to day work. Our company was founded on three core values – Take initiative, Leave people better and Instill confidence. These values stand true today and will continue to guide everything we do. 

Since launching a few months ago, we have generated over $60,000 in tips for our customers. Labor shortage, hiring and retention are challenges that we are keenly aware of and we're grateful for an opportunity to increase wages for your staff members and their families. 

By partnering with Allset, you are doing right by your employees and helping them earn more. 

As a small startup, I want to say thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and compassion. On behalf of all of us at Allset, we're committed to being your partner and succeeding together in all the days and years ahead. 

As we move into 2022, we would love to keep you updated. Know that we value your questions, ideas and feedback all of which can be sent to support@allsethq.com

With gratitude,

Justin Clegg

President and CEO, Allset

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